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fortiva credit card

Bank of Missouri issues the Fortiva Credit Card. It is a sudden response program. Fortiva Credit Card is a completely paperless program, so it is easy to apply. It is basically an unsecured MasterCard. You can use your Fortiva Credit Card anywhere MasterCard is accepted. Fortiva Credit Card comes with an EMV chip, which helps you to reduce the risk. Here, you will get a free credit score and all the reports are received by all the three major credit bureaus.

Benefits of Fortiva Credit Card:

These are the following details that you will get with your Fortiva Credit Card.

  • EMV Chip: Nowadays, the digital world is challenging to keep your information safe. Fortiva is always working to keep your information protected. Every Fortiva Credit Card comes with a building EMV chip, which makes your transaction safe and secure. So, you can make the transaction without any worry.
  • Easy Credit Approval: People with a low credit score have their limitations in which credit card they will receive or which they can’t receive. Those people are assigned with very few credit cards. But, the Fortiva Credit Card is different in comparison to the others. If you have a low credit score, still you can apply for the Fortiva Credit Card.
  • Lower Minimum Payment: This credit card comes with a very minimum monthly payment of 1%.
  • Free Access to Credit Score: With the Fortiva Credit Card, you will get free access to the credit score. You can check your credit score each month from the payment history.

Rates and Fees of Fortiva Credit Card:

  • Annual Fee: For the first year, your annual fee will be up to $175. After that period, your annual fee will vary between $0 to $49.
  • Purchase APR: The purchase APR of this credit card will vary between 21.99% to 36%.
  • Cash Advance APR: It will vary between 24.99% to 36%, based on your creditworthiness.

How to Apply for Fortiva Credit Card with Acceptance Code:

If you have an acceptance code for the Fortiva Credit Card, then you can easily apply for this credit card. You just need to follow these simple instructions below to apply for the Fortiva Credit Card:

  • Firstly, you have to go to this link
  • Then, on the given space, you have to enter your acceptance code. Your acceptance code is consisting of 14 digits and it is usually located towards the bottom of the mail offer.
  • After entering your acceptance code, you have to click on the Submit Code option.


fortiva credit card apply


How to Activate your Fortiva Credit Card:

Before start using your Fortiva Credit Card, you must have to activate it. You can easily activate your Fortiva credit card by following these simple instructions below:

  • Firstly, you need to visit the Fortiva website.
  • For direct access to the website, you need to click on
  • Then, you will be click on Sign in & Activate to your Fortiva Account Centre option.


fortiva credit card activation


  • Once you logged in to your account, you can easily activate your Fortiva Credit Card.

How to Make the Payment for Fortiva Credit Card Bill:

You can easily make the payment for your Fortiva Credit Card bill online by login into your account. You just need to follow these instructions below to make the payment for your credit card bill:

  • Firstly, you need to visit the official website of Fortiva.
  • Or, you can just click on this link, for direct access to the website.
  • Then, from the homepage, you will get the login section.
  • You have to provide your registered username and password in the given spaces.
  • After entering your login credentials on the given spaces, simply select the Sign In option.
  • Once you logged in to your credit card account, you can easily pay for the Fortiva Credit Card bill.


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Fortiva Customer Support:

Still, if you face any problems while applying for the Fortiva Credit Card, then you can contact the customer service department.

Phone: 800-245-7741


P.O. Box 105555
Atlanta, GA 30348-5555

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