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Sears Special Card Offers is an offer run by the Citi Bank and Sears. If you are willing to get another credit card from Sears then you can get the Sears Credit Card inside your wallet. The credit card is a great source through which you can shop at the Sears departmental stores.

In order to check special offers by Sears you need to go to the website of Sears then provide the offer code you just received. Once you submit the offer you can find credit card offers that would make you feel rewarded.

In order to get started with the Sears Special Offers you need to open the special offers page then input the code. Ask yourself whether you wish to get the card and you can go ahead with the application.

What is the Sears Special Card Offer

The Sears Special Card Offer would be sent to you if you have a good credit or have been using the credit services since a long time. The Offer is backed by the Citi Bank and all the Sears Credit Services are in partnership with the Citi Bank.

The bank offers the special offer to its existing customers. If you are lucky enough to receive the offer you would receive it via email. Once you get the offer you can navigate to the Citi Sears Special Offers Page and view the results.

In order to get started with the offer you simply need to spare a few minutes and you are ready to go. If you have received the offer code that almost means you are already approved for a Sears Credit Card. So you can straight away begin shopping at the departmental store chain without any hassle.

Sears Shop Your Way Card

What Do You Need to View Special Card Offers

In order to view Special Card Offers from the Sears one needs to have a few things handy. Here are the requirements to view the Special card offers.

  • You must have the invitation code. In order to check out the special card offers one should have the invitation code with them.
  • Internet connection is a must to access the Sears Special Card offers page.
  • One can view the web page on any computer or smartphone browser.
  • Have the URL for the Sears Special Card offers page.

Sears Card Application Guide

Sears Card Application

  • As the website opens you will find a section that says ‘Welcome submit your offer code and start rewarding yourself’.
  • Provide the offer code there and click on the button below.
  • Now you would find results that are customized for you.

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At the end of the article we consider you found some good information on the Sears Card Special Offers. You can apply for a new card by Sears and Citi Bank if you wish to get one. You can connect with us through the comments section.



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